Electrical Services & Solutions

Maximize your growth

Efficient. Fast. Reliable.

That is what we are renowned for. Today, we are one of the most service-oriented suppliers.

Our network of branches, connected by an advanced IT system, enables us to offer competitive sales services and highly skilled technical support at the provincial level, in all industries.

That is our added value.


Simple and accessible

Enjoy an improved online experience.

  • No software to install, no synchronizing or updating
  • EDI technology (electronic data interchange) for 100% secure online transactions.
  • FTP (file transfer)
  • Online quotes
  • Return authorization requests
  • ASCII format
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Customized product identification and location according to your needs

DuboNet Benefits

  • Access real-time inventory and pricing
  • Order online and schedule shipping or pickup
  • Gain access to inventories and prices in real time
  • Search for a product
  • Create products
  • Add a product as a special order
  • Start a shopping cart
  • Create multiple shopping carts
  • Add comments to a shopping cart
  • Get a list of your templates, quotes, orders and invoices
  • Add custom templates
  • View Dubo and DuboNet news
  • Our Web can be adapted to your management system
  • We can design your personalized product catalogs

An unparalleled distribution service

  • Accurate delivery details for each project underway
  • Accurate delivery details for each project underway
  • Meeting deadlines for your orders
  • Monitoring system for tracking orders and general information
  • Palletizing
  • Order and delivery consolidation system
  • Special identification of shipment boxes (tag)
  • Customer product code
  • Client inventory management
  • ERP integration services
  • Electronic PODs

Better accessibility and availability, that's Dubo Dépôt

  • Overnight drop-off service
  • Merchandise available before a site opening or start of operations
  • Secure drop-offs
  • 24H delivery
  • Several sizes available

Your Dubo added value :

Assured delivery service, over 15 trucks

Ongoing support from a technically-skilled team

Comprehensive inventory to meet your needs

Team of expert advisors to help you carry out your projects

Web and telephone ordering service

When it comes to service, Dubo prides itself on a high level of customer satisfaction, due in large part to our same-day or next-day delivery system. Our trucks deliver directly to your door, and with our 24-hour service, we can accommodate rush orders.